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In 1972, a sexually explicit film called Deep Throat erupted over the cinematic landscape sending shockwaves of horror and titillation down the fault lines of society. It redefined pornography. It also made a lot of money.

Once a Broadway gypsy, I’d grown up to be a respected producer of multi-media business meetings. But when the Flower Children marched by, their songs resonated in my ultra-liberal head and I fell into step beside them. The music was our Internet. It told us what was going down and when and where and what to wear: flowers in our hair, of course.

Then things got really ugly. Bam! Bam! Bam! Two Kennedys and a King shot dead before our hopeful eyes. We were told to go kill people we didn’t even know in some place we’d hardly even heard of called Viet Nam, and we really, really didn’t want to do that. So we marched and shouted and sang and got busted and generally made a pain-in-the-ass of ourselves. One particular collection of anti-war filmmakers became my new family.

The rent was due on our film commune, The Pickle Factory. About that same time the folks who brought you Deep Throat decided to make another pornographic film: The Devil in Miss Jones. I played the title role of Miss Jones and paid the rent.

I write here of real people doing surreal things in bizarre situations, but if you’re looking for the ordeals of a victim, this ain’t your book. And it most definitely is not a reference work. I’ve written what I can remember of these folks and events that altered the course of my life. For facts, go to Google.

The pseudonym Georgina Spelvin is an obvious homage to the “Theatah,” where George Spelvin is synonymous with John Doe. Although the name was not assumed until the release of The Devil in Miss Jones, it is used throughout this narrative for clarity. Most of the player’s names herein are fictitious – for obvious reasons. Moreover, conversations are hardly exact. I mean, come on, it’s been thirty years. And it’s not like I was taking notes…   That said, welcome to my head.


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David Henry Sterry, best-selling author of Master of Ceremonies: a True Story of Sex, Drugs, Rollerblades, and Chippendales and Chicken: Self-portrait of a Young Man for Rent, and who has been translated into ten languages, says…

“The Devil in Miss Jones was not only a revolutionary movie, it was a great movie. I do believe the reason it transcended into the Pantheon was the magic of Georgina Spelvin. Imagine my delight when I found her writing to be as deep, exciting, spellbinding, passionate, playful, and yes, I must say it, S*E*X* Y as her acting was.”

Annie M. Sprinkle PhD: artist, sexologist, author, ‘Post-Porn-Modernist,’ noted Feminist, and pioneering film producer/director and performer was consulted and quoted by best-selling author Mary Roach in her latest book, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex. Annie said of Georgina’s book…

“It’s like Siddhartha meets Boogie Nights meets A Chorus Line meets The Devil in Miss Jones. This juicy memoir truly captures the spirit and creativity of the era.”

Richard Johnson, NY Post: “A funny, fast read. I loved it.”